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Why grow your business

with EPIC public speaking?


Lead Generation

There is no better lead generator than you, the person behind the brand. 

Highly Profitable

The overheads of speaking are minimal, yet fees range from £2500 - £150k

Sales of Product / Services

The bigger the crowd you can speak to, the greater potential for sales.

The Upfront Entrepreneur Mastermind utilises skills from the performing arts to help you bring confidence and personality to your keynote presentations.  



What can the performing arts offer me, as a speaker?


The founder of the Upfront Entrepreneur Mastermind, is professional Comedian & Magician, Tom Elliott. 

Once described by Miranda Hart as ‘Such Fun’, Tom has appeared on BBC TV & Radio, had a feature piece in the Times Newspaper and received significant crowdfunding support for his initiatives. He's also welcomed the likes of Milton Jones & Rosemary Conley CBE onto his wellbeing themed podcast.


The art of comedy is arguably the greatest communication skill of our time; and if anyone knows how to rehearse and refine a presentation, it’s those who take up the art of Magic.

Bringing the two roles together, Tom has ten years experience in using his skills to accompany motivational and sales presentations. It's from this experience that Upfront Entrepreneur was born.

Upfront Entrepreneur is about developing your confidence and onstage persona. The skills gleaned from the performing arts will enhance and develop your speaking ability, enabling greater connection with your audience and as a result, an increase in sales.

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From Fearful to Phenomenal

Taking the nuance skills of the performing arts, the speaking ability of TED Talks and the collective wisdom and insight of your fellow Mastermind members, the Upfront Entrepreneur Experience will have you speaking with confidence and excellence.

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