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Confidence, Resilience & Communication

Make your next team day magical, with Tom's corporate team building magic workshop.

There's nothing quite like being able to fool a friend with a trick. It instantly creates a connection.
A conversation. A sense of wonder, joy and fascination. 

If we're honest, making friends, is the reason most people take up magic in the first place. 

Whilst the trick itself is helpful, learning magic also provides the space to develop so many other useful skills that can be applied in both personal and professional capacities. 

For Tom, engaging in the arts increased his confidence, resilience and improved his communication skills. It equipped him not only for his career today (a comedy magician!) but previous careers in the charitable sector, too!.   

In this motivational team-building workshop, Tom reveals the secret behind performing magic, with plenty of transferrable skills being learnt in the process. 




Tell me more about the workshop... 

  • Tom warms up the audience with 10 minutes of his material. 
  • Tom then performs the routine that the audience will learn, along with an explanation. 
  • The audience then takes 15 minutes to rehearse the trick and perform it to each other. 
  • Tom draws upon other transferrable skills from the arts, such as audience engagement, transactional analysis and being clear in communication. 
  • Tom is then joined by three brave members of the audience who present the routine upfront, to rapturous applause of their colleagues. 

By the end of the workshop, the team will have supported each other, laughed with each other and have a trick to amaze their friends for years to come. 


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